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tv   Piers Morgan Tonight  CNN  October 3, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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see you back here same time i s you mig not believe 's a hundred calies. tomorrow. ♪ what i've done is just about the stupidest thing that any human being can do. >> arnold. think you've heard his whole story? wait until you hear this. >> i love maria. she has been truly the only love that i've ever had. >> tonight, arnold schwarzenegger, intensely honest. >> i say to myself you totally screwed up, arnold. you totally failed the family and have done all this stuff and caused all this pain. >> this is the man who turned politics on its head as governor of california. what's his debate advice for president obama and mitt romney? >> you've got to be able to look right into the screen and to communicate with the people. >> what does arnold schwarzenegger want to hear from the candidates? >> how are they going to bring both of the parties together and compromise rather than getting stuck in the idealogical corners. >> this is "piers morgan tonight."
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good evening. our big story tonight, d-day. debate day is just4 hours away. president obama and mitt romney are deep into their final debate preparation as the clock ticks down for the big event in denver. meanwhile, their top surrogates are out on the campaign trail. paul ryan speaking out for gm@ñfñyou mig not believe 's a hundred calies. romney in iowa. >> a handful of states will , determine this outcome. but it doesn't cor everything. a handful of states will determine which way our country only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. goes. so you not only have a huge responsibility, you have a tremendous opportunity. so consider anarp medicare supplent insurance plan, insured by unitedheahcare insunce coany. >> meanwhile, michelle obama has been stumping for her husband, like all standardized medicare supplement pla the president, in ohio. >> this election will be even closer than the last one. and save you up to thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket costs. that is the only guarantee. understand that. >> against that backdrop i sat call today to ques a free decision guide down with the man who shocked the political establishment when to helyou better understand what medicare is all about. he was elected governor of one of the biggest states of the ent plan union, arnold schwarzenegger has wos best for you. always been bigger than life. it all came crashing down in a very big way.
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i first interviewed him in the withyou'll be ableo visit early '90s. any doctor ohospital since then he's had of course th accepts medicare pient.. seen the end of his marriage to plus, there are no nworks, maria shriver and the end of his two terms as governor. d you'll never need a ferro see a spialist. he tells the story in graphic detail in his new book, "total there's a range of plans to choose from, too. recall." and theyll travel th you. arnold schwarzenegger joins me now. anywhere in the country. welcome. >> thank you. >> try to imagine what it must join the millions who have already eolled have been like to be you for the last year. in the oy mecare suppleme insan plans the reason i imagine it is i saw you and maria a few days before endorsed by aarp, the balloon went up on this an organthe eds of people r whole scandal, and you seemed very happy. for generations... i talked to both of you and i interviewed you many times over the years. of experience bend it. and providichas over 3s then since then, your whole life completely changed. i wouldn't use the phrase self-imploded but it must have felt like that a few times. helps cover some of what medire doesnay -- what has it been like to be you in the last year? expens that cou really add up. >> well, you know, i always have could ve you up to thousds been very successful in my professional life. that's what the book is about, out-of-pocket costs... you'll be able choose anctor who accepts medire patnts. "total recall" is about this and you never need referrals. extraordinary immigrant's story, so don't wait. coming here with nothing and withll theood yes ahead, getting to the point where i am,
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being successful in bodybuilding go e distance wityou. and being successful in films and being successful in the call now trequ your free decision guide. political arena, and also at the this ey-to-understand guide same time, i had an extraordinary personal life. willnswer so your questions, and helpou find the rp medicare supplement plan everything was perfect. and so all of a sudden, from one day to the next, the personal life totally crashed and i wiped out everything that i had, the >>nit,nly inmerica. summer loving back from e thing that i cherished the most past. was my personal life, was my ♪ sr loving had m marriage, was my family. i always thought that it was one summer loving happen so st ♪ of my greatest accomplishments and all of a sudden that was >> he was too cool for school. gone when all this became public she was a sweet, innocennew girl. with mildred and joseph and all that. john travolta and ivia newton john made "grease" a stupendous box office blockster. so now, you know, since that point, i've been struggling with now they a rnited for a that and it has been very tough, because even though my holidaalbum called "this i chrimas." professional life and my career and everything has continued, and i have made movies since showing them all smiles, holding matching cups,ooking like then and speeches and gotten
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chry co-hosts on local news very heavily involved in moing shows. promoting the environment and so ok pretty damnood for their on, but nothing is the same ageswhh may or m not be a gift of nature. anymore because my personal life has been destroyed. songs wi be assic holiday standards like "christmas," "silent nit" and "deckhe so now -- destroyed because of halls. stupidity, of bad decision there will also be a smash hit to "u're the one that i want." making and this huge failure on i guess that the idea came from my part and made a lot of people suffer because of that. so all of that is always on my mind. >> have you been taken aback by the extremity of some of the reaction? people treating you almost like travol. a mass murderer, how dare you d he said i wanted to make this an intimate aummotto, commit this hideous crime, when actually, you did what millions of men have done. whether it applies to cars, wom i'm not excusing it, defending it, anything. or mies. i'm just trying to put it into some kind of context, that at times, you've been so battered by this. this one, perhs dangerously, has all five components. have you felt it's been too much or not? clearly has the poteial to go one of two-ways. >> you know, i never tell the memoryane for people like me who had become a teenager en "grease" elod, who press what to write and what to say. worspp the grod that danny they do what they do and i do zucko spat on.he cheeseiest
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what i do. and you know, i think that it is record in history. my doing. they didn't create this story. no one else created the story. i created it. it's my doing. the former, sadly, the 47-year-olha-bitn ne i did not ever experience the anchor in me the latter. severity that you just explained, but then again, you good night like to be a little over the ordinary rubs don't always work on my arthritis. top. that's okay. >> you're probably not reading half of it, right, i would imagine. >> i would say i don't read any of it. no. >> i've been through a divorce. i've been fired from a high profile job back in britain. i've been through very difficult times in my life, and the old cliche you find out who your real friends are, i found to be completely true. that some people run for the hills on both occasions, others ran towards me to help when i least expected some of them to. how have you found it? who's been the rocks if you like, for you in this? >> i think that there's a tremendous amount of people that have shown great support, and then there's a lot of people that have let me know that
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they're disappointed and it's perfectly fine, including my children that were disappointed in that action and inevitably my wife was very disappointed, and so, look, it's my -- it's my fault. there's no one else to blame for it. i wouldn't even begin to start pointing the finger at anybody because the reality of it is i created it, i created my career and all those kind of things and the relationship in all of this, but i also screwed up badly and i take the full blame for it. the key thing now is to kind of figure out how do i build all this back and how do i gain the trust of the children again and have a good relationship with the kids, which is so important to me. i love my kids dearly and i love maria. i love maria. she has been truly the only love that i've ever had. that's what's so pitiful about it.
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it's one thing if you have a situation like that and you say i was ready to get out of this situation anyway, out of this marriage, but that's not the case. she was the most perfect wife and she was extraordinary. >> you've hinted in some of the interviews you've given that you hope to get back with maria. in fact, you've gone a bit further and say you believe from her side this may also be something that she may wish. do you think there's a good chance you can get back together? >> i cannot speak for maria. she has to speak for herself. i can only tell you that i hope that eventually we can rebuild the relationship and that we will be together as one family. >> what people find most try capzasin-hp incomprehensible is that it penetrates deep to block pain signals fohours of relief. somebody as successful as you, somebody as rich as you, as capzasin-hp. take the pain out of arthritis. politically motivated as you were at the time, would take such an extraordinary risk, but was it actually more complex? was it that the risk you were taking seemed one of the safest risks you could take, that it was with somebody your home who you could trust, who wouldn't tell anybody? was it more that?
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>> i would say that it makes no difference. i mean, it makes no difference what was going through my mind at that time. it doesn't clean up the mess. it doesn't soften the blow to my family. i mean, what i have done is just about the stupidest thing that any human being can do. >> did it feel like it at the time? did you know what you were doing? did you know -- >> no, because you always think, you know, you don't think about the consequences. no. >> the book doesn't make clear whether this was a one-off or happened more than once, it was a relationship. what was the reality of that? >> i think the book goes into the details of the whole thing and i think that people when they read it, they will get an
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understanding of what the whole thing was about, and that i leave it at that. because i think that i have talked about it enough and every time i do talk about it, it causes pain to my children and all that, and i don't want to dwell on it. >> i was going to ask you that. i've got four kids and if i was in your position and had written a book about it, i can't imagine it's easy, your relationship with them, you've already said has been very difficult since this. i can't imagine this process helps that. it does prompt the question why did you go into that kind of detail in the book, because you have got the kids there, they are going to read, they are going to see the interviews. it sort of compounds it slightly for them. >> first of all, the auto biography has been something that we have talked about for 20 years. simon and shuster, who i have done all my books with, always wanted me to do, after i wrote a successful book on bodybuilding, they wanted me to do the autobiography.
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in the '90s i was doing two, three movies a year and i was too busy to do that. i also think my story isn't interesting enough, but after the governorship, i felt like it is an interesting story and this was before the scandal ever came out, we started talking again with simon and shuster and kept going down that road, maybe i should after i'm finished with the governorship, sit down and write this autobiography and it was a difficult time to think back and to go back in my life because i always was a person that was going forward. dreams, vision, go after it, then the next one and the next one and so on. so i did it. i thought that now with the governorship, it's an interesting story, but at the same time, there is the scandal. so there was now a choice that i had to make, do i want to make this a book about the success story of my life or do i want to go and really writaboumy
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failures, all of therong decisionthat i have made, and on personal level and on a profesonevel land al success story. i deded at i going to t all oft he bk antry to be as hosts possible about e good a the bad and that's exactly what this is about. d yoknan, i have to te youllifhose qstions don'comep now and if this issudomep t or incean theook, it wi me up when the next movie comes will come up when the movie after that. at one point othe her,r ook, ?kri always have been a perso thatu know, fas the conseqnces, and i don't belie running the other way.n'dolie in hiding. do believe in avoiding the quostiand s uff li that. mite detail but becae there is cldreout there, because there's a family, dowa too any fur think i'aused enoug
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arnolarzed schwgger ith role that launched million imations. literally, you are bac do youeel that you cldo ck i politifter all is happened, ois likehe bodybuilding, don >> wl, you know, iave real no ito gest and n fo ficeofr anything like th. ed ie rath because i fe that lifornia w in a distrous situation and i felt om outsi t box tcome in om annothe typical politician that peoe were really nd of oking for somebody like that, and someone that's in the ddle d rely wants to go and fix thpr thking about every decision a politil way. i also always had the urgef ging bk beuse acfelt like this country h given me that i have, reer wise, on a persol na and it is truly e nd of
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opportity d th's why i w inlv in 6égedecial olymcs and ssg itiatives inogms, california to t illi$500 m >> was it hard tn you thgh beingover >>ell, wst of all,et me stl tu at i didn't care whatt takes in ordo fix the state. i just wted to de inivhere anto do erything that i could to fix the problems. w, of course, when you get in there because you' deang with politics, you go here with a long list oambitis ou goals and every governoroes that, visl every predent does tha a if you nish half of . that's exact -- was lucky th i was able fintoh ha, lf e a little bit more than ha, whater. but i was le tabdo a lot b utn,g thattainerhings that i had as a goal, likfor instance, fixing t financial pblro califoia, never got rely xed because as sn as we did have one yr down to balanced
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crisisthworl lost kof td jobs agth avcreated, and theudget deficit went uagaithugh throof andll othos a things but that'shy i created also thscarzeneer ititute at the usc so that i can coinue on tse policies and solve problems in e future, even ough i'm out of offi. i willon an one youenece gornor, one te you were gornor. wh aice would you have for mi y in partilar,s a publrean, but also bark ama,hereside. they'rine head-to-he what'sour adce? >> i thi thankheebates, e most important thing is to real. don't want to give aice to those gu becse lk, f of all, romney and obama, both hem tvery skied all very smart and they have mbepro- >> what was yo strategy, then, in debates?
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>> to be as honests possible annot torop dlot of numrss and fas and statistics becse right into the screen anto commicate with the people and i concerns, sohat ey understand what needs to be done in the future and how important it is to try to do everything that you can to bring both of thpartietogether, becae no party anno ideology has really the lock on all thprlems, solving all the problems and the solutions and all that. so eryone, it always works wo together. that'st is missin washgton right now and what i want to n thhear idebates is e do, becausthat's a no-brainer, we need to fix r infrastructure ande've got to get real health care proam going and have everyone be o the me page and we've got go and stimulate t economy to get our gdp again up to 4% or 5% increase every year, and to reallyix our immigration
12:20 am
problem that they ha been promising usor 10, 15 years they'ring d it's notust th say we're going to fix that but i want to know exactly how. hoar of the parti together, sit down andeally have a serious si idealogical corners. that is really the most important thing because washington right now, nothg is happening. weaven even had a budget in e st >> rney has been hammed lot r successf businessm. people using tt agains recked and so on. as he made, wh have you made of that, sobody who is a veich, successful man yourself, are you surprid amerat in a, the country that gave you the opportunity to become what you are, that they would now turn on mebody for being what used t be the great american dream? >> first of all, as you know, hn f. nnedy ca from ve rich family. so the democrats didn't complain about thathen that happened. bui don't want to get in that becse i have run fooffice y
12:21 am
the r side andhat you say out the other deyou cannot takeor real.. i me, they don't believehat that is a bad thinthat he was successful, nor do i think the romney side believe metimes seriously. is is a political year. g on. they wiltry too everythi at they can and the special interestroups and the other groups are there to paint ch other in the mt horrible way. negative ads play er than positive ads. so therefore, you will aay play the negative ads. but the important thing is av6 always sayo people, listen to them carefully tomorrow. pay attention. pele should sit and be glued to the television t with a notepad and take notes and really listen carefully what
12:22 am
each one says and how ch ty reallyonvince you that they actually not just paint this picture of whaamerica should be like and have all this kind of nice sayings, but w is really believable that they areg parties together and getting the job done. >> i kw you haven't decided who you're going to vo for in all this time, but right now, if you hato vote tomorrow, o would yovote for? >> iould have to first listen to theebates. so they're that importanto you? t's ry important. to me, the debates a ablutely important.there were t made the decisiowabefore, like with president sh and it was because of the relationship that we had, of the kind of gs that he has done for californ, foinstance, an the kind of working relation that we had d the history and o with for instancseclared becaus friend ande haalways been in the centersomeone that tried
12:23 am
to work on immigration reform, ied to work on envonmental issues, energy issues and all in was the in 2003 wn i ran he recall, he was the in 2005 for the special election, he was there again in 2006or the re-eleion and when we tried to pass legislation, environmtal legislation to make commitments oreducing the greenhouse gases and all of this stuff.every step of the waso i of course jumped in and helped h right from the begin. if you had beenresident four years ago instead of bara obama, how would things have be different? you cod have been if you were born here. who knows. if youad been, do you honestly think you could have done any better than barack obama has do inheritsuch a huge financial ss? the realityer wasoing to be prh where he is now? what do you think? >> we maybe would have done things a little differently,ut i can guarantee yothat president is doing eveg
12:24 am
that he can to solhe i cannot imagine that president ama is sitng there and saying to hielf let me not fix th h or let is fail. there's no sh thin i think th wn you sit his as g in my office, you work and you worry about those ings day and nigh many times you have eepness nights and you worboutse things and you try to solvit. it's not that easy. it is a veryvery difficult job, and i think that,ounow, probably as he can do and he it hisay and they did it their i think thatitt romney has done great as governor o massachusetts and he's a ver taleed guy a vgood in what he do, to looat both of those candidat, and really listen to
12:25 am
them very carefully and nodo a personality test here or who is thmost likeable, which usually always happens. but i mean, what is the substance behind a that. >> take another short eak. i want to come band talk to you about movies. how you went from a tinyittle place in austria to this bodybudeto the biggest movie star on the planet. i want to knowheecrets. y6)z
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arnold schwarzenegger's new book is called "total ca." it's an extraordinary story. however it's ended uth you go backeforall the scandal broke, rlly, one of yo a guy who camfrom d. nothing, you werborn in a small austri tow ia tiny house. no plumbing, toilet, shower or phon yet you begin to getn this journey thatrings to you become the numr one bodybuilder the world, the number one movie star in the governor of e biggest statin e country. when you gba to that little boy, arnolschwarzenegger, what was it about you, do you tnk, that gave you the drive to
12:30 am
>> i think that i had the most extraordiny talentn visualizing. i always as a kid had a vision and the sion was so real that i really ft that ian accomplish and turn those visions into reaty. of course, i recognized quickly that that means a t of hell oa lot of work. and i was willing to do at. so wn i saw myself as a bodybuilding champion and saw the first photographs of a der of regark, and i read that he became hcules in the movies, and how much he trained and how he won the mr. universe contest three times and all that, to me, this was the road map for me to go and do exactly the same thing. to train five hours a day, come mr. universe. that's of cose a lot of working out to become mr.
12:31 am
universe but i progressed and had so much talent and so much will and so much fire in my belly th i of 20 the st myounge universe ever. from then on, i won one world championship title afterhe next and basically domined but it was havinthat vision in front of me and chasing that vion. when i trained in the gym and everyo was running around ffing and puffing, i had a smile on my face in the gym. couldn't wait do the next squat with 400ounds. i couldn't wait to do the next 20 chinups. i couldn't wait to do the next 500 situps because to me, th meant one step closer to ing th turning that vion into reality. >> can you stillo the 400 pound stuff? >> i cannot do the 400 pound stufanymore. >> what's the most you lift ese days? >> i lift every day but after my heart surger the doctor said
12:32 am
don't lift any more heavy so now i do more repetitions. >> you know what i do, youidea of light weighis probably different than mine. what is your idea of a lig weight? >> i lift wi 1ds., 200 po >> just 150, 200 pounds. which would probably bre my back. >> 500 situps and leraises. >> how many situps? 500 situpand leg raises. >> wait a minute, 500 situps, really? >> i ride the bicycle every day for an hour. i exercise every day. but remember, alespecihen you do movies, when you ve to do those stunts and u have to do ts action, no one car that y're 65 years old. you still have to do it. you stilve to be in there. >> especially the "expdables where they're all built like brick outhouses. >> they're all in great shape. >> if you all got in a room together and had a fight, thtevy sta>> sylvestone. sly s been a goofriend of lls s a veryong ti. you go to e sameaf
12:33 am
lunch, chew the fa he tells me you're very competitive. one turns up with a big watch one week, next week the other one turns up with a bigger watch. it's o of those competitive relationships. i would e heimagineen great n t. then he himself was hit by tkhi dying. i would imagine you' tell me about your relationship. >> it's an intesti relationship because we started out kind of friendly when he was inhe vbeginning, we shared the sa agency, same agent and everytng, and hento out. but thenventuay itecame very competitive. he was doing "rocky," i s doing the umpi mng iroie. both movies became very popular. i continued on, he took ofmuch faster after tyhe "rocky"ov. he won the golden globe and the oscar, theilm was a ge hit
12:34 am
since we hthen, e been comping. we have beensing eh othe e he camand starteusing the big machine guns, in the ne movie, i had to use a bigg machine gun. we started competi on who could kill more people on the in the mt creative way, who had the bigger guns, who shot more shots. it went and on. who has more box osuccffice s, whcan do more moes was crazy. e '80s was all about total competition, who can odo the next guy. and it was really terrific in a oughwa en t wasn't good for our latiship but it was terrific becse it insped me. he was a true inspiratn for me and he got inspired througme, so he peormed better. iwas the competition at made us perform and go all out. t then we started the hollood. chain, planet anhe came to robt earle and id i'm in, i want to bin. then bruce willis said i want to be in. then ty came to mend said we wa you to be in, what do you think about wog with all
12:35 am
ree. that would be terrific. and we got togetr, we formed this partnership and from then on, we bame really close friends. eachrip we went, wgot closer and closer and i to really understand him and you know,ow talented he is. so many people just see his action movies, but how talented he is in directing, how talent he is in writing, and espeally in hisrt, in painting. very extraordinary. he is so good in so many differt things. >> i don't want to reat the qutionut i was just curious how it's been for you two this year wn you've been -- >> he s been very supportive, you know, and helped me ani've been vy supportive to hiand ht, you're r has had a his control. mine was selictef-inflbut his
12:36 am
was without any doubt, it ju happened, that his half-sister, son passed away and all at, ando as a matter ofact, i can to lose a child.t it is like >> no, i can't, either. >> the amount of love i have for my children to find out from e day to the next or one minute to the next they're ge is a horrible kind of news that you get and heas devastated. he was crying and he was like really out and i cou really fe so i called him, obously, anmet withim and tked with him several times and tried to help as much as i can to help him out of this. >> wast cathartic doing the book? was it something that you felt by the time you closed the lt chapter and finied and read it throug you were glad y had done it en tugyou may get criticized from certn quarters?nk that it was a great
12:37 am
idea to do the bk. i think that my story is a really interesting sry. as you said earlie to come over here with absolutely nothing, to grow uafr th send world war with the austria ing angry that we lost t britain, by erything, being russia, france and ameri, and it was rlly tough in the beginnin then to come over here and tbe part of this great country and 5v.eny the land of opportunity and peleeceiving you with open arms, and that everything that i've accomplished here, to go up that ladder anto accolish all of those things and to travel the wod anto traordinary op, political leaders and nelson mandela, and pend me talk to him out forgivens and all of those thing to rk with speal olympics with him, and gorbachev about his time in
12:38 am
office and with bill clinton and with george bush, and to spend l of this time with george bush at camp david and to do horsese throwing and skeet and trap shooting and to sit in thes meetings -- >> amazing moments for a g from -- unknn kid from austa. >> it'unbelievable, that rid and the book also deals th the determation and the naticieness always keeping the eye othe and you know, the arnd les d ag that helped me get through and get the way i am today. so that's what the book is about. your tever you've done in life, when you've wanted someing badly enough, you've tended to get there. yoclearly would haveiked to pair your marriage to as you said, e e and only love of
12:39 am
your life, really. if mia's watching th and she mighwell be watc t you know, i want to win her back anu know, i hope even though she talks out forgiveness, i hope that you really c foive. >> you tnk do you deserve to >> think everyone deserves to be forgiven and get a break. yes, i do. then it'up to me what i do with that. >> you've always been very good to me, arnd, over the years. you've given me many interviews. you've always been very suortive to me in my career. i'm not going to join the rank of pe trampling onou right now. it's a fascinating book. it's rivetin the storyhow you get ere. you're brutally honest about what happenein the last year. i wish you all the very be i hope you do sort things out witharia because in the end, no one knows what goes on behind closed doors in people's
12:40 am
marriages. i think e contrition you've shown is sincere. i wish you the very best. >> thank youery much. thank you. >> arnold schwarzenegger. >> jenny mccahy joins us on faith, family and being a plboplayte. [ female announcer ] did you know the average person smiles more than 50 times a day? so brighten your smile a healthy way with listeri® whitening plus restoring rinse. ♪ these are sandra's "homede" yummy, scrumptiousmm? i just wantedou to eat re fiber. chewy, oatie, gooeyness... [ male announcer ] ber one.
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jenny mccarthy is a playboy pl d so much re.ty, wit, honesty. best-selling author, too her new book is "bad habs, confessions of aecovering m a catholic. >> welcome. >> sort of in recovery. most clics are in recovery, aren't the >> that's y i wrote e ok. i think we a are a little bit in recovery. >> tell me about your ba habits. >> well, you know, i've got quite a few. lot of people ght call them sins aording to our religi u know, growing up in very strt irish catholic family, i was raised to believe at our goal life is to do good things and get to hve so i thought ear on i would become a nun because it wod ensure my,ou know, straight go to heaven pass, and mom was a
12:45 am
hairdresser when i was younger and she usedo do hair for the convent, a when she brought me over there one day, the nuns asked me what i wanted to be wh i grew . i said a nun and a mom, and they said oh,hat's nopossible, and i immediately tapped outf that and decided to be wonder woman instead. that was my goal. >> so how long did the nun thin) >> ilasted about three or four years. >> really? >> i did mass in my house, lite come upon these gifts to make them holy so they can become the body and blood of our lord sus chst. before he was given to ath -- i mean -- >> you nev sounded sexier to me as an irish catholic boy. >> i loved performing so that's the only script i really knew and i played the priest, ias the nun, i had a towel around my head like a habit and blessed
12:46 am
op with my awesome holiness. >> your awese holiness. i vehat. hoyou going to feel if your book, being next to arnold schwarzenegger's book on the bo stands? >> what a perfect pair, i would think. i think i'm the -- >> what do you make of arnold? do you feel -- i mn, i'm struck by the kind of venom that people feetowards him. he made catastrophic mista but he clearly knows it. >> firstf all, of course. makwe allmistakes, especially this book, you get judged a wh. there's many people i know in my life that e sahave done thin >> with their housekeepers? >> close >> really. do you have any ew othe election, talking of bad habits? >> no, i've learned in my ownhow do i puit, risky words ve used in my career to question people and
12:47 am
make statements, i can't even go initicto pol i've addressed medical issues. >> i sort of admire your honesty there. let's move very quicy to your two playboy covers, yorea of partular expertise. th is 94 on the left and 2012 on the t. i've g to say, age cannot wither her. >> and a bruing. >> i would imaginetell mif i' second one was less scary than the fit absolutely. the first one, i was terrified. i s crying, i wasn't naked in front of a group opele ever in my li like most 19 year olds, i think, that are playmates and pose. by the time i did it at 39, u know, i was ping people were checking it out.
12:48 am
i wahoping the cft service guy was doing a double takat 39. please. i was happy to kind of show off that wen, you know, l have it. 're -- sexy isot just for 25. >> you certainly still have it. foany metce single, right? >> i am so single. >> desperately so? are you on the hunt? >> no, no, no. i mean, the hunt? no. but just keeping- >> that's right. >> there's a very poigna part of this ok which iabout your son. u talk about yr faith in ti tevan becau he is autistic. i felt betrayed by god, i s angry, sadndeyond scared. i made a deal with god the d you help >> i cried when i got the diagnosis ani d have that conversation with god and i k when you -- i do believe
12:49 am
inod, i do believe in a higher wer. i doelieve that you're guided if you're open to it. so i really listen to messages d was guided by the right doctors and got him better. >> how's he doing? you brought him up pretty mu on your ow right? >> yes. literally on my own, and he is now in a typical schoo dng great. he is a ladiesman, casanova, has a 20 some-year-old girlfriend. >> oh, yeah. oh, yeah. yoknow wha after what he's beenhrough, i'm like you did it. you get as much as you wan >> quite right. >> i'm going to get you e bmw and you pick up ose chicks >> well, it's a cracking read. "bad habits, confessions of a recovering catholic." checout you're the president of this organization. this is in book shops now. checout for more informati oautism. this is a very eertaining re. you are ry entertaining. even if yodon't give us stuff about elections. i kno but i'll sw yomy boobs.
12:50 am
>> it's a pleasure to meet ég someone so btally honest.7in a reunion of john travolta and olivia newton john. [ female annocer ] introducing yoplait greek 100. 100% new. ♪ 100% greek. 100% mmm... oh wow, th is mmm... ♪ in fact so mmm you mig not believe 's a hundred calies. well ok then, new yoplait greek 100.
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